Obviously, you now know the rest

Hello Bridget,

Thanks for your email. No, it won’t be any problem waiting until next week. I must tell you that many years ago, perhaps 10? or more? I bought my first Reign Vermont day bag, the one with dragonflies, to use during a trip, and I never went back to my collection of leather handbags, except for very formal and rare occasions. The top seam on that bag came undone after several years of daily use and I quickly replaced it with my second one on a print of similar green colors that I don’t see in your website now. After several years of, again, daily use, the main zipper of the second one became problematic – it opens in places even when properly zipped. I returned to REI to purchase my third, and to my dismay, I didn’t find your bags. I was trying to fix the zipper today when I noticed your website printed on the bag. Obviously, you now know the rest.

So, why do I love your bag? It’s light weight, the cloth pattern and color is beautiful, it has the right zippered compartments, and it’s small enough that I won’t be tempted to load it with unnecessary stuff. When I go through the airport security check-up, I stuff it in my backpack, otherwise I hang it across my body leaving my arms free. Now I’ll change from green to red, and will get a chance to also try the bigger one, or pass it onto a friend.

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,


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