Dare i say~i think i’m addicted :) post image

Dare i say~i think i’m addicted :)

It was not a never say never situation at all. I have never been a person that has had trouble admitting when i am wrong. It happens, it humbles me. So i am sure you are wondering what i am talking about. Back in 2013 my new years resolution was to dive into social media. I dragged my feet. I had a  Facebook account but never did anything with it. Fast forward to 2014, again my new years resolution. LOL

Finally on March 25th 2014 i was in. I now have Facebook, Instagram, My Blog and a Twitter account. I have opened an ETSY store which is a wonderful world  of people i am inspired by daily.  I LOVE IT ALL! The joke is on me but i do not care. I am moving forward and enjoying every minute of it.

I am happy to share with you that on August 25th 2014 i got my 100th follower. Eat your heart out Ashton Kutcher.



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