a special part of my life…

Good morning Bridget, I hope all is well in Vermont as you prepare for Christmas!

I wanted to tell you that while I was in Italy, the land of luxurious leather, I received so many compliments on my Eden bag!! People identified with the colors and textures, saying they looked like a Florentine design. I passed on your website to a few folks and hope they will follow through and order.

The new bag really added to my trip, feeling like an old friend with whom I have travelled so many times before. (I like the slightly deeper design too). We have a great relationship and I “trust” this bag, meaning I know when I’m on a packed subway in Rome, I can securely turn the bag towards my body and no one will be able to easily open it. It’s small enough that I can even wear it under my coat, if necessary. As I have nerve issues in my neck and shoulders, its just big enough to carry all of the essentials that I need, including my passport, safely, but without being too heavy. I can wear it across my body, I don’t have to hold it, and I can walk freely with my hands in my pockets, when I forgot my gloves, or as I tend to do when I’m relaxed and in the moment. It’s a treasured experience to feel so light and mobile, but still have what you need with you!

I know it may sound kind of silly to speak about a purse this way, but I just love this bag! It’s gorgeous and truly has become a special part of my life. I wish you had more material so that I could order another one for the future; if you do let me know.

Thanks for letting me share with you and thank you for sending the bag to me before I left. I wish you and your family and friends a beautiful Christmas and holiday season!!

All my best~

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